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Reshmi Sriram
Nitya Narasimhan
Sara Gibbons

It's here!! Our first roundup of This Month in SWA πŸŽ‰

Each month, on the last Wednesday, we'll publish a roundup of Azure Static Web Apps product news, events, and content updates on this blog. Over time, we hope to make it your one-stop destination to catch up on all the exciting things happening in the SWA ecosystem, in one friendly post.

Product News​

This section covers recent news or announcements from the product team. Read on to learn the latest news from the world of Azure Static Web Apps!

Don't forget to bookmark the Azure Updates page to get updates at any time.

Dev Resources​

This section covers content, events and code samples from Microsoft authors. Check them out for relevant learning resources and best practices.

  • Aug 3 | - Deploy Azure Static Web Apps using Python by Jay Miller. Are you a Python developer interested in exploring Azure Static Web Apps? In this post, Jay walks you through configuring and deploying your first Python SWA from VS Code.

  • Jul 22 | TechCommunity - Host your website on Azure Static Web Apps for free by Julia Muiruri. Students looking to get started with Azure, create your Azure for Students account and deploy your first website within minutes!

  • Jul 20 | -Taking a SWA DevOps Pipeline to the next level by Aaron Powell. We know SWA works seamlessly with GitHub Actions to automate the default build-deploy workflow. What if you need a more complex custom CI/CD pipeline? This article walks you through one such example.

Community Buzz​


This section highlights content from our amazing developer community - submitted directly, or published to the relevant tag in sites like Tech Community and

Upcoming Events​

This section highlights in-person or online events that are likely to feature Azure Static Web Apps content or developer conversations - links to CFPs or registration links are welcome!

Did You Know?​

Each month, we hope to turn the spotlight on one key resource or person that is worth knowing about, in the context of Azure Static Web Apps.

🌟 SPOTLIGHT ON: DEV.TO is an inclusive community of software developers where you can publish content and have conversations on technology in collaborative and learning-driven ways.

  • Explore the #staticwebapps tag - to browse ~100 articles on SWA.
  • Leave comments or reactions - to provide valued feedback!
  • Create a tagged post - to share your own learnings.

Here's a snapshot of what that tag profile looks like! Follow the tag to get articles in your feed - or subscribe to the feed from your favorite RSS reader. #staticwebapps page

That's all we had for this roundup! Tell us what you think about this new format for a monthly summary! And don't forget to send us your contributions.

🚨 | Call For Content​

Next Roundup: Sep 28, 2022

Submissions welcome till Sep 25, 2022.

  • Did you author an article, create a SWA application or sample?
  • Are you organizing an event with a SWA-related session?
  • Are you a student who just created your first SWA app or blog post?

Submit the details using this custom issue as soon as possible. We can't wait to share your contributions!