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SWA Roundup: Oct 2022

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Reshmi Sriram
Nitya Narasimhan
Sara Gibbons

It's here!! Our October roundup of This Month in SWA ๐ŸŽ‰


We publish a roundup of Azure Static Web Apps product news, announcements and content updates on the last Wednesday of each month. Catch up on all the updates in one friendly post - and don't forget to contribute your updates for inclusion in the next issue!

Product Newsโ€‹

This section covers recent news or announcements from the product team. Read on to learn the latest news from the world of Azure Static Web Apps!

  • Oct 03 | Universal Rendering with Nuxt 3 and Azure Static Web Apps. Previously, you were able to deploy a static rendered Nuxt app on Azure Static Web Apps, where the entire app is pre-generated as static content. However, Nuxt 3 also supports universal rendering, which provides the performance and search engine optimization of server-side rendering while still enabling client-side interactivity. Get Started with this tutorial.

  • Oct 08 | Extending Next.js Support in Azure Static Web Apps
    It's here - Azure Static Web Apps has preview support for Hybrid Next.js apps, making zero-config deployments with Next.js even easier with support for Server-Side Rendering, Incremental Static Regeneration (SSR and ISR respectively), API Routes, advanced image compression, and Next.js Auth. Get Started with this tutorial.

Dev Resourcesโ€‹

This section covers content, events and code samples from Microsoft authors. Check them out for relevant learning resources and best practices.

Community Buzzโ€‹


This section highlights content from our amazing developer community - submitted directly, or published to the relevant tag in sites like Tech Community and

  • Oct 03 | Microsoft MVP Stacy Cashmore just published a book on Beginning Azure Static Web Apps with a focus on "Building and Deploying Dynamic Web Applications with Blazor". The book covers dynamic content with Azure Functions, discusses the JAMstack revolution, and contains examples built using Visual Studio 2022. You can find Stacy's tweet with more details.

Upcoming Eventsโ€‹

This section highlights in-person or online events that are likely to feature Azure Static Web Apps content or developer conversations - links to CFPs or registration links are welcome!

Did You Know?โ€‹

Each month, we hope to turn the spotlight on one key resource or person that is worth knowing about, in the context of Azure Static Web Apps.

๐ŸŒŸ SPOTLIGHT ON: Microsoft Student Summit

Did you know the Microsoft Student Summit was just held as a global virtual event on October 7, 2022 The event was held virtually in several regions, to suit local time zones and regional community interests.

And you can catch up on all the recordings from these sessions in this handy playlist

Student Summit Logo

Azure Static Web Apps was a key focus for the Student Audience with sessions focused on the topic at 6 of 7 regional events. Here are links to the relevant recordings:

Microsoft Student Ambassadors also participated in a Static Web Apps Bug Bash ๐Ÿž - getting hands-on experience with providing valuable product feedback, and working with product teams to help resolve identified issues! Learn more about the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Program

๐Ÿšจ | Call For Contentโ€‹

Next Roundup: Nov 30, 2022

Submissions welcome till Nov 23, 2022.

  • Did you author an article, create a SWA application or sample?
  • Are you organizing an event with a SWA-related session?
  • Are you a student who just created your first SWA app or blog post?

Submit the details using this custom issue as soon as possible. We can't wait to share your contributions!